Valerie Simms is a portrait artist based in Banbury, Oxfordshire. 

She originally came to study art as a mature student at North Oxfordshire School of Art & Design, where she enrolled in an "Access to Art and Design" course, part-time, for two years. The course allowed her to investigate all forms of art and design and find her own pathway through to higher education. She enrolled in an "H.N.D Design Illustration" course at Swindon College School of Art from which she graduated in 1997. 

Since completion of her further education, Valerie has steadily developed and refined her process to achieve a consistently high standard of work. She has successfully built up a regular client-base and her work features within a variety of art galleries both nationally and internationally.

Her earlier portraiture work originally focused on human subjects. These pieces illustrated highly skilful techniques such as masterful blending to create stunning skin tones and fine-detailing to create photo-realistic representations of hair, liquid & fabric. 

Most recently, Valerie has found great success with the production of wildlife portraiture. Possibly, the key factor to the overall impact of this work is the choice of composition. To closely frame her composition precisely around the features of the worlds most astonishing animals, with whom the average human only ever views from a great distance, allows the viewer to closely experience the unique beauty, wonder and intensity that each of these creatures possess. Each animal, staring directly into the eyes of the viewer, appears to be directly communicating with them. The viewer feels that they have been invited into the actual environment within which the subject inhabit.


In a moment of perfect circularity and balance; Valerie has successfully managed to share her own personal connection of subject to artist directly with the viewer of her work.